Multible - slot casting unit



The multiple - slot casting unit is used for coating flexible material webs by which 1 to 6 plies may be put on together in one liquid interlaminar bonding.

The slot casting unit is used for the production of photographic films und papers. But it can be used for the production of similar products too, if the coating amount and the viscosity of the coating compounds are within the operating zone of the sprinkle system.

The multiple - slot casting unit is completed by a high - precision cylinder for conducting the material web and by an equipment for moving the casting unit.



By request the following additional equipments are available for delivery :

  • system for the production of negative pressure
  • system for flushing and cleaning
  • system for tempering
  • system for dosing the coating compounds

Technical parameters:

Number of single plies 1 ... 6
Coating width ... 1200 mm
Velocity of coating 20 ... 100 m/min
Total coating amount 60 ... 140 g/m"
Coating amount of a single ply in interlaminar bounding 20 ... 80 g/m"
Viscosity of the coating compound 5 ... 30 mPas
Precision of the slot width ± ( 1 ... 1,5 ) %

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