Thin-layer-destillation equipment

- a short way distillation, a molecular distillation and a thin - layer - distillation all in one

Advantages of using the Thin - layer - distillation equipment DD 32025 :
The described operating applications are possible without any alterations. The procedures of the distillation of sensitive compounds, substances with larger melting points or in a melted form and the recycling processes of wastes improve the economy, ecology and the safety of work during the production of fine chemicals in smaller quantities.


Operating possibilities:

  • similar thin - layer - distillation
  • short way destillation
  • molecular destillation processes
  • combination of mixtures of three compounds

Technical data sheet of the DD 32025 :

Heater power of the outside cylinder 3 kW
Heater power of the inside cylinder 2 kW
Motor driving power / revolutions per minute < 0,25 kW 50-500
Maximum heating temperature inside / outside cylinder 350°C / 450 °C
Distillation temperature 25 - 450 °C
Pressure range of the distillation process ca. 1 - 1000 mbar
Evaporating surface 2000 cm²
Rotational speed of the wiper system 0 -500 l/min
Destillation speed 0,5 - 5 l/h

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