Universal Perforating Machine (UPM)


The universal perforating machine ( UPM ) is composed of a stationary column with 3 arms used for driving, the film unrolling and the film uprolling operations, and of an interchangeable table - based machine with a punching part, a film guidance, light marking unit, dust evacuation unit, sling regulator and a prepier-cing and transport unit. The machine works with intermittent feed, with each punching stroke the film is adjusted by catching needles. The punches are held by a highly precise prismatic ram on roller bearings. The starting part of the film is automatically pre - pierced and fed into the punching part and farther into the feeding installation. A loop regulation holds the loose film string ( loop ) in front of the punching part, within certain limits, at a constant value.

Optionally the parts named hereafter can also be delivered :

  • noise - control cabin for the controlling of noise, unavoidable when executing the perforation step
  • machine transporting car for the manual transport of the table - based machine
  • depositing table for 3 UPM serving for the intermediate deposition for maintenance purposes

Technical parameters

Space needed for UPM 1500 mm broad x 1500 mm high x 600 m deep
Weight of UPM 325 kg
Capacity 1250 strokes/min ; Filmcoils till Ø 460 mm
Power demand of UPM 0,25 kW
Main connection 220 / 380 V ; 50 Hz
Vacuum needed 8000 Pa

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