Development of innovative technologies requires a lot of skills and experiences. This is what we as a mechanical engineering company have learnt soon. At present it is our special challenge to use our work and all our experiences for your individual benefit. Individual benefit means to us to orientate to our customers. This is firmly laid down in our company's philosophy.

We are always looking for new technical solutions. Innovation and progressive thinking require besides all enthusiasm the responsibilities  of our qualified employees, too, who are the guarantors for our high-quality product even in case of changing demands.


MABA – A company goes its way

MABA Spezialmaschinen GmbH is a mechanical engineering company in the Chemical Park Bitterfeld-Wolfen, in the federal state of Saxony-Anhalt

The industrial writer and foreign minister Walter Rathenau founded the first electrochemical plants on behalf of the AEG in 1893. Two years later, the stock company laid its foundation stone for Anilin-Fabrikation in Berlin, or Agfa for short. The building site was favorable, there was a railway line and plenty of lignite. Production began in 1910 and Agfa became the largest film factory in Europe, the second largest in the world. From 1925 it belonged to the IG Farben.
The war hardly harmed the works.
When the wall falls, the Treuhand founded Chemie AG. Up to 8000 former employees of the Combined Now organized in reception companies, begin with the demolition of their companies, in which they have worked for half a life. Only a few parts remain of the film factory. One of them is dhe MABA Spezialmaschinen GmbH (The former centralworkshop, where all machines and systems were designed, manufactured and serviced).
The Filmfabrik Wolfen lives on in MABA and a few other medium-sized companies.
Total investment in MABA itself has exceeded EUR 6 million since 1991.


Founding of Agfa , construction of the central workshop


Renaming of Agfa to ORWO


At the beginning of the year Privatisation of the central workshop (Department 4) the film factory with the foundation of MABA Spezialmaschinen GmbH


Establishment of group of companies on the basis of economicconsiderations


Restructuring of Management GmbH into research,
Development and Management GmbH in October 2001


€ 860,000 investments realized
Total investment since the company started € 4.5 million


Dissolution of the company network
Merger of MABA
Business, Research and Development GmbH as well as MABA
GmbH & Co.KG with MABA Spezialmaschinen GmbH


15th anniversary under the name MABA
Special Machines GmbH
€ 500,000 investment is realized
Award as a family-friendly company


Award of the company with the IQ Innovation Award
Central Germany in Silver


20th anniversary under the name MABA
Special Machines GmbH


Cooperation agreement with the University of Magdeburg for dual studies
Mechanical engineering

2016/ 2017

25th anniversary of the company


Dennis Vronski takes over the 100% shares of the company as


Re-certification according to Din EN ISO 9001,
Investments in energy modernisation
Acquisition of 3 new production machines
Dennis Wronski takes over the management